Vintage furniture

    On the occasion of the next Salone del Mobile 2023, Cavalli e Nastri Milano will revive iconic pieces of vintage furniture, which stand out for their elegance and artistic touch.
    This project combines Adelfè's mastery in the recovery and revisiting of vintage furnishings, with the richness and quality of Cavalli e Nastri fabrics. The common objective is to give life to unique, iconic and highly valuable pieces in the name of upcycling which represents an evolution of the concept of vintage, transforming what was destined for oblivion into something more beautiful and of greater value both from the ethical and aesthetic and artistic point of view.
    The inspiration of the project is to create accessories and furnishing accessories, such as furniture, chairs, armchairs, lamps and cushions, using sustainable but high quality recycled material.
    The pieces produced are the result of careful research and in-depth knowledge of the world of vintage design.
    Cavalli e Nastri Milano, with the technical and artistic contribution of the Adelfè artisans, has managed to reuse the precious fabrics from its warehouse, accumulated thanks to the relationships it has had over the years with some of the most important Italian fashion designers, to revive iconic pieces of 'vintage furniture.
    This collaboration demonstrates how the union of passion, experience and talent can generate extraordinary results.
    Cavalli e Nastri Milano, a name that recalls the splendor of times gone by, is a point of reference in the international panorama of high-end vintage. At the origins of the success of the C&N brand is the knowledge of fashion and architecture as well as the constant search for timeless beauty. Between shop windows that pay homage to the best of twentieth century fashion, fine furnishings, intimate living room atmospheres and an eclectic and varied clientele, Cavalli e Nastri today positions itself between a fashion boutique and a concept store, thanks to three shops in the center of Milan, an online shop, a tailor's shop, and an archive where collectors, photographers, stylists and designers alternate in search of inspiration.
    In constant dialogue with the world of art, music and theatre. The Cavalli e Nastri brand is also part of the local cultural agenda, with events dedicated to the active promotion of sustainable fashion, sartorial research and craftsmanship.