Vintage tailoring

Vintage equals love for all that’s rare and hard to find. It is love for the ‘one-of-a-kind’, for uniqueness, and for being showstoppers. It’s also recycling, mending instead of discarding, and giving old things a new life. Vintage means never being out of fashion.

Custom-made clothes

Handmade, Made in Italy, tradition and innovation: custom-made rhymes with elegance. A custom-made dress highlights the body of its wearer, transforming posture and attitude. For every dress there’s a fabric, and for every fabric there are specific cutting and sewing techniques, specific colors, specific prints… Design to designers, tailoring to tailors, with passion, devotion and know-how. From pattern-making to hems, from embroideries to embellishments, from customizing to styling for themed events and parties, Cavalli e Nastri’s tailoring workshop creates custom-made clothes and restores time-ridden garments, adjusting, fixing, and, when needed, modernizing. The workshop also designs one-of-a-kind pieces and capsule collections using fabrics from our own archive, leftovers from warehouses, and deadstock from brands. Moreover, we work with all the most important costume shops to create costumes for theatrical performances, and with all most important museums for the restoration and conservation of antique clothing.


Bring us your clothes, your fabrics, your projects or simply your ideas. Here in Milan, whether in the art galleries in Brera, front row at fashion shows, in the hip cafes in Isola or at cool parties in the industrial warehouses of Bovisa, you’ll always find someone wearing a ‘Cavalli e Nastri’.