Cavalli e Nastri vintage universe

From American costume jewelry to French couture, from made in Italy to European brands: discover the vintage universe of Cavalli e Nastri


Cavalli e Nastri, Italian for horses and ribbons, a name evoking old-fashion glamor, is an international landmark in the world of high-end vintage. The brand’s success is rooted in Claudia Jesi, pioneer of vintage culture in Italy, with fashion and architecture expertise, constantly on the hunt for timeless beauty.


Cavalli e Nastri between fashion, art and culture

With shop windows tributing the best of 20th century fashion, precious decors, an intimate parlor-like atmosphere and an eclectic clientele, Cavalli e Nastri positions itself today somewhere in between the fashion boutique and the concept store, featuring three shops in the city center, an online shop, a tailor workshop and an archive hosting collectors, photographers, stylists and inspiration-seeking designers. Its ongoing dialogue with art, music and performing arts also places Cavalli e Nastri at the center of the city’s cultural calendar, with events dedicated to the active promotion of sustainable fashion, sartorial research and craftsmanship.