Rent a vintage dress

Vintage clothes rental for privates

No matter how many clothes we have stocked through the years, there will always be that special occasion that finds us moaning in front of our wardrobes because we have “nothing to wear.” In this case we can of course go shopping, or we can go renting! Like the Fairy Godmother, Cavalli e Nastri can conjure your ball gown – spare the pumpkin, and just mind you don’t lose your crystal slipper. Fashion gives never ending options, and vintage can count on the entire history of costume.

Vintage clothes rental for stylists, costume-makers, photographers and designers

From our Archive to our Boutiques, Cavalli e Nastri offers clothes and accessories for theater and movie productions as well as for fashion shoots. We work with all major fashion magazines and all main photo studios here in Milan.

We can offer logistics, transportation, and pick-up. Our staff will be happy to be of service and guide you in your choices.

How does Cavalli e Nastri’s vintage clothes rental work 

Check it out: book an appointment and come choose your outfit.

Evaluation and down-payment: Our staff will evaluate the clothes you chose (some of the items from the Boutiques are not for rent). 

For private renters: The total amount cannot be less than 50 euros +VAT. The required down-payment is 30% +VAT.

For professionals: The total amount cannot be less than 150 euros +VAT. The down-payment varies according to the service required.

Duration of the service: Cinderella’s magic abruptly ended at midnight, with us you have between three days and three months.

Come try it out, and experience a concretely sustainable approach to elegance, luxury and design.